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Hey, Babe.

Welcome to The Good Things Project.

Here you’ll find an ever-evolving and rotating conversation about the soulful good stuff. The shit that gets all cylinders firing.

Heart Remedies + Spiritual Prescriptions + Tough Love + Soft Introspection

From wellness and travel, to heart stuff and brain matter, no topic is off limits. We’ve got you covered, boo. Always, no matter what.


says who?

Me. Hi, I’m Sam! Self-proclaimed goofball, writer and lover of all THE GOOD THINGS. My only certification is that I’m certifiably obsessed with feeeeeelings.

All of them. The good, the bad, the ugly. Especially how they show up in our lives: in our thoughts, our bodies, our belief systems. Hell, even our nervous system. I’m here to explore how we can evolve and be ever better. Click below to learn more about me.


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